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About Me

Hi! I'm Becca Schuster. I have a knack for telling corny jokes, know an unusual amount of facts about Disneyland, and can binge TV shows in an embarrassingly short amount of time.


Though I currently live in Los Angeles, my hometown is "The Biggest Little City", Reno, NV. Where we have great big mountains and a lack of cops wearing short shorts despite what you may have seen on Reno 911.

I've had a passion for theatre since the age of 3. I would perform on my grandma's brick hearth and everyone called it my "stage". It didn't take long before I was taking singing and dancing classes and falling in love with performing.


Disney movies sparked my original interest in musical theatre. This was later confirmed during a Girl Scout trip to see the musical Beauty and the Beast in 2001. I had the opportunity to participate in a backstage tour and tea party with the cast, which inspired and solidified my dream into becoming an actor.


I'm an only child and adopted big sister to a little weenie/pug named Delta. Along with Delta and I, the third and last member of our little family is my role model and mom, Debra. Our relationship very closely resembles that of Loreali and Rory Gilmore.

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