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Acting for Film Master Courses at New York Film Academy

September 2021

I have recently relocated to the Los Angeles. I am attending the New York Film Academy for Acting for Film. Located right next to Warner Brothers Studios, it's exhilarating to be able to work and create film in such a collaborative environment. Being immersed in the film city itself has already been such a meaningful experience and I'm excited to continue my work in film!


ARTS International LA Showcase

December 2019

I recently finished my week at the ARTS International Showcase in LA. This was an opportunity for me to perform in front of agents, casting directors, schools, and so many others. Additionally, I was scored and given feedback based on my performances throughout the week. I made it to finals for the singing and monologue categories. I was also awarded the Overall Talent award at the end of the showcase for scoring top numbers in all categories I performed in (Singing, Monologue, Commercial, Film Scene, and Improv). I received multiple scholarships from ARTS International, including from schools such as NYCDA and the New York Film Academy. My time at the ARTS was a unique experience, in which I gained so many new friends, in addition to meaningful contacts in the industry. I cannot wait for the opportunity to participate in this showcase again in the future!


1 Day Play Festival at Reno Little Theater

December 2019

I made my Reno debut (since high school) at the 1 Day Play Festival at Reno Little Theater. There was an original audition to get into the festival. Once the day came, 24 hours before the performance, all of the writers, directors, crew, and actors met. The chosen actors "auditioned" for the writers. After all of the auditions, the writers got together to choose their casts and got going on writing their 10 minute scripts under the theme "Jolly Holiday". At 8 am, the directors started their day at RLT by choosing which shows they wanted to direct. At 9 am, the actors then joined the directors to find which show they were in. The rest of the day is spent rehearsing and memorizing these plays, and at 7:30 pm, the plays were performed for a full audience. It was such a crazy and exciting event, where I really had the chance to work with some amazing actors and creative talent. I hope to participate again next year. Thank you RLT for giving me my Reno debut!

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